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Insulated Tumblers are an excellent gift that is a practical and useful way to reward your employees, customers, brand your organization or group or make your special event memorable.  Insulated Tumblers come in a variety of styles and sizes.  At GS Promo Source, we think these are some of the most cost effective and valuable added promos on the market.  Made of durable Acrylic, each Tumbler has a double wall construction so your drinks stay cooler or hotter longer.  The double wall also prevents condensation.  They are perfect for an active lifestyle both indoor and outdoor.  The perfect beverage holder all year long.  Available in single, double and four packs.  We can custom package and brand your boxes.  Call Kristen Feeney today at Tel:  (860) 664-0696 for more information.

Insulated Tumblers are perfect as:

  • Customer appreciation gifts
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Tournaments and sponsorship opportunities
  • Special events
  • Commemorative occasions
  • Sales incentive programs
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Holiday gift-giving and more

Insulated Small Tumbler

Large Insulated Tumbler

Insulated Tumblers

Insulated Tumbler Styles and Inserts from GS Promo Source

Insulated Tumblers come in single, two and four packs.  With customized boxes


Large insulated Tumbler


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