Football Season PROMOS!

Crisp fall days, beautiful weather, nachos, chips and of course – Football. Let GSPS brand your business or school with these great football promotional items. Want to talk to a product specialist? Call us today at 860-304-2899. Mention fall code FOOTBALL2011p for a 20% discount!


Mission Viejo High School’s Diablo football team needed to raise money for new training and safety equipment and facilities, and they had a small timeframe to work with. Traditional fundraising efforts taking weeks or months weren’t the answer. The solution was to pump up the previous year’s fundraiser – the high school’s annual Diablo Classic Golf Tournament.



California-based Mission Viejo chose one of South Orange County’s finest golf courses to host the event, and used the Diablo Classic website and a variety of online and personal communication efforts to advertise it. The tourney featured a round of golf plus lunch, dinner and opportunities to win Diablo-branded promotional gifts via hole-in-one contests and other on-course events. Prizes included branded golfers’ gift-packs featuring shoe bags, divot fixers and tee pouches. Diablo-branded thank-you gifts were also given to golfers to encourage them to donate to the football team.

Tournament participants and donors enjoyed the promotional gifts, and the branding helped keep the Diablos in mind well after the football season ended. The tournament itself was a success as the effort exceeded expectations, raising more than enough money to cover the season’s football needs.

Are you looking to raise money for your school or sports team?

Make sure to use innovative techniques to connect prospects to a school’s offerings to boost school enrollment or raise funds for teams. The best methods to do this use promotional products and a strong partnership with your distributor who can show you great ways to incorporate branded items into your campaign.

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ASK KRISTEN / what is your organization planning for breast cancer awareness month?


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. What products would you suggest to raise awareness among your employees/clients?

I have several products that I LOVE for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! You can either give them out to increase awareness or sell them and donate the proceeds to your favorite Breast Cancer charity.

1. Silicone Awareness Bracelets are a great and very inexpensive item to hand out to your all of your employees and clients – prevention and early detection save lives. They are great items to give out to remind your employees (or their significant other) to get an annual mammogram.


2. 16 oz. Carnival Cups are a great reward for employees (or their spouses) that went for their annual mammogram. Early detection is key when it comes to breast cancer. Giving out these cups as a great reward lets employees and their families know that you care WHILE also bringing down your healthcare costs.


3. Awareness Ribbon Key holder. Many people drive their cars to and from work (or at least to and from somewhere at least once a day), ensuring that your message is in front of your employee or client,
reminding them that you care about them and their health several times per day.


4. Neoprene Lunch Bag. Whether healthy or sick you’ve gotta eat, and so do your employees or clients. A neoprene lunch bag is not only attractive and durable; it keeps the message of breast cancer awareness, early detection/prevention and working for a cure in front of them and everyone they eat with on a daily basis.


5. Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt . Lastly, but not least, a Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt. Let us customize t-shirts especially for you and your business. We have many different Breast Cancer Awareness slogans that are both funny and attention-getting. My favorite was one we did for a ladies softball team that said “Don’t Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base”. They sold them for $25 each raising over $2,000 for breast cancer research.


Would you like us to put together a Breast Cancer Awareness Program for your company and/or clients? Or, would you like to raise some money for your favorite breast cancer research center or charity? We offer so many great items that would work well for you including, mugs, tumblers, pens, bags, totes, stress relievers, etc.

Call GS PROMO SOURCE, LLC anytime for terrific ideas and products that you can use to promote your company, keep your employees/clients healthy or just to spread the word about Breast Cancer prevention, early detection and awareness in your local community in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month at 860-304-2899.

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ASK KRISTEN / closeout promotional products?

What are your thoughts on closeouts?


Clients have called me on many occasions looking for closeout DEALS on promotional products and apparel. Closeout promotional items are usually offered at a discount (and sometimes a DEEP discount), which can be very exciting to someone on budget. Once in a while we get LUCKY, but unfortunately closeouts usually don’t work out for several reasons:

  1. Many items go into closeout because they are “old hat” or just unpopular. Even at a discount these items will most likely NOT appeal to your customer long term if at all.
  2. Some items are discontinued due to product flaws, or they have improved the initial product. These items look and sound great, but they may not function properly or as well as the new version.
  3. Some companies stop offering certain items because their inventory is very low and they have decided not to reorder. Often, by the time you find these closeouts they are already sold out, which can be very disappointing.
  4. When it comes to “children’s” items, meant for children under 12, many items go on closeout because due to new laws they are no longer deemed safe for children. These are never a good idea because if they get into the hands of children under 12 AND have your name on them AND a child gets injured you and your company could be liable.

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ASK KRISTEN / top 10 promo product searches


What are the top ten promotional product searches?  

The top 10 searches in August 2013 were…what do you like about these products?

1.       Pen – Everyone is always “looking” for a pen.  The average pen has 8 users. What a great way to brand your company without breaking your budget. Many new pens incorporate a stylus on the end for use with your smart phone or touch screen computer!

promotional pens from GS Promo Source

Promotional pens from

2.       Stylus – it seems as though everyone has a smart phone or tablet nowadays. A stylus makes these devise easier to use if you have long fingernails and the soft rubber tip eliminates fingerprints and smudges from your device(s).

3.       Water bottle – these are a great opportunity to keep your name in front of your clients as so many people drink water or other cold beverages throughout their day either while working at their desk, running errands or exercising.

4.       Lanyards – these are a terrific way to keep your name in front of clients as many people use them to keep their keys or ID cards handy.

Promotional Lanyards

5.       Tote – When evaluated by impressions, a tote bag is the most productive imprinted product available. During its average 7 month lifespan an average tote bag will expose your logo to 7224 people.  That makes tote bags 2.4 times more productive than the next highest producer of impressions – caps and headgear.

6.       Tumbler – The one thing that is always on my desk is my double-wall tumbler.  I love it because it has a HUGE imprint area and it is one of those items that spends all week on your client’s desk or countertop.

7.       Golf – Millions of Americans play golf each year. Many do so for business meetings and corporate tournaments. This makes golf promotions an idea giveaway for you, especially if you, yourself enjoy golfing.

8.       Football – No matter how you slice it, people are just crazy about football. Whether it is a freezer mug to keep your clients’ drinks cold during the big game, football themed sportswear or even magnetic schedules for your local high school or professional football team – these promotions will be a hit with your existing or potential clients.

9.       Umbrella – Umbrellas make a great promotional item/corporate gift for anyone. What better way to let your client know that you’ll be there when you need them than giving them a promotional umbrella.

10.   Backpack – Millions of kids went back to school at the end of August last year, making a backpack an ideal giveaway or re-sellable item for many types of companies that would like to make an impression of those people or their parents. A backpack that protects your computer is also a great giveaway or incentive for anyone that owns a laptop or tablet.

Interested in some great ideas for September?

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