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Let me teach you quick and easy oven baked salmon recipe you can not refuse

It’s so hot in summer. What’s good for dinner?If you don’t know what to eat, come to see what I eat every day, and make recipes every day!

It’s all my family’s daily dinner. It’s simple and easy to serve. It’s easy to operate! Real photos of mobile phones are not fake, nor cooking deliberately. What you eat is what you send of baked salmon recipes with lemon and butter. Click a few pieces of mobile phones and open them to eat directly!My family belongs to the working class, the daily diet is relatively light, strive to be healthy and delicious, try to eat according to the times, so there is no big fish and meat every day, they are simple home-made dishes. If you think it’s useful, I’m happy to choose a dish you like!

Today 4 dishes, steak fried garlic bolt, apricot mushroom fried dried bean, cauliflower, dried vegetable and egg soup, 10 minutes enamel pot rice. Standard 3 dishes and 1 soup, delicious, with meat, vegetables and mushroom, nutritious!Please call me a Kwai cook, these dishes will be ready in less than 30 minutes.

First of all, I’d like to introduce this rice. With a little bit of resveratrol, it tastes so fast that there is no bag left. I haven’t used the electric rice cooker recently. I use this enamel pot to cook. Brush some oil, put rice and a small amount of water on it. After 10 minutes, turn off the fire and simmer. It’s proper. It’s clear, fragrant and delicious!The first dish is stir fried dried bean with Pleurotus eryngii. The material includes 1 Pleurotus eryngii, 3 dried bean curd, a little black fungus and a little minced meat.

The apricot and abalone mushrooms are delicious, q-shells are delicious, and they taste like meat! Collocation Kwai dried and black fungus is delicious, nutritious and easy to eat in summer.The second dish is fried garlic bolt with steak.Today, I didn’t go shopping. My husband said that I didn’t have meat? As expected, men are carnivores from pan seared salmon with lemon butter sauce. They are not happy without meat!

When I got a move, I took the steak from the fridge, sliced it and fried it with garlic bolt. It’s easier than frying the steak!Garlic bolt is actually called garlic sprout in our side. It is very good to eat in summer. It also has the function of sterilization, anti-inflammatory and dietary fiber supplement. But garlic bolt is too spicy and too ripe to eat. I like to be between them, sweet, crisp and delicious!

Third, the simple version of cauliflower.Why is it a simple version? Because cauliflower in the dry pot was originally a Hunan dish, and I had to put pepper, bean paste, etc., which I omitted. Instead, I changed it into my daily simple version, adding some scallion oil cooked by myself a few days ago.This dish is finally fried with meat and oil. The cauliflower is tender, delicious, crisp and fragrant.

Tip: do not add water in the whole process, do not overcook, keep the crispy and tender taste of cauliflower to be delicious.The last soup is the most delicious and simple. It’s made of dried bamboo shoots, vegetables and eggs.The dried bamboo shoots are the ones dug by ourselves in our bamboo garden and easy 5 ingredient baked salmon. The dried bamboo shoots made by my sister are easy to put when making soup. They are so fresh that their eyebrows fall off! Add an egg, the perfect summer soup!

Let’s talk about it in detail. First, prepare the ingredients when soaking the rice. When you start cooking, cook. Turn off the fire in 10 minutes and continue to cook.Black fungus is soaked in advance, dried apricot mushroom and tofu are cut into strips, garlic bolt is cut into sections, cauliflower is cut into small pieces, carrots are cut into small pieces, steak is cut into strips without thawing, and the minced meat is left yesterday. Take the dried vegetables and eggs later.

Put oil in the pot, add dried tofu and apricot mushrooms, stir fry the mushrooms for a while, then add the black fungus.Add minced meat and stir quickly. Add wine and salt.Add some more water and cook for a while.Sprinkle with scallion and dish. The first dish will be ready soon.Then heat the oil in the pot, stir fry the steak first until it changes color, and then set aside.

Then stir fry garlic bolt, add salt, cooking wine to taste, and add a little water.When the taste of garlic bolt becomes sweet, add the fried beef, stir evenly, and then the pot will come out. This dish is very fast!Stir fry the third dish, heat the oil, add garlic and ginger to saute.Add cauliflower and stir fry quickly. The edge is slightly burnt and fragrant. Add salt and cooking wine for seasoning. I also add a spoonful of scallion oil. If you don’t add soy sauce, you can also add soy sauce. Turn to a small heat and simmer for a while.

Note that cauliflower should not be added with water or braised too soft. Crispy and raw taste is the best.The last soup is simple.Wash the dried bamboo shoots and vegetables, and boil them with water.Break up the eggs and pour them into the pot.The egg liquid will solidify slowly, add salt to taste, very delicious favorite easy oven baked salmon!WeChat official account: delicacy of gourmet.What about? Half an hour from the preparation of ingredients to the completion of cooking, is that enough for salmon with garlic lemon butter sauce?