Power banks and mobile device chargers

Did you know that GSPS offers 2,050 different kinds of power banks/ mobile device chargers? Let’s take a look at four great chargers. From ultra-compact credit card sized chargers to completely custom design chargers. Call Kristen or Eric today for pricing and great ideas!. Tel: 860-304-2899 or e-mail sales@gspromosource.com

The Zoom Power Anode (with MIT logo) offers the perfect solution for power as it incorporates both a power bank and AC charging adaptor into one piece. Simply open the prongs and use the style as an AC charging adaptor. The Anode will charge itself while plugged into a wall outlet. Unplug with a full charge and the Anode will act as a power device with 2,600 mAh at an output speed of 1 Amp. Power Supply can be monitored by pressing the power button when charger is plugged into a device or at rest.


Credit Card Power Bank (with Walking Dead logo). 2900mAh grade A non-recycled battery, USB output and battery test button. Includes USB cord and 4 adapter tips. Use the adapter tips included or your devices own USB charging cable. Output 5 volts/1Amp.


Everything falls into place with the Zoom Energy Box (with Stratton logo)! This convenient device contains a 5,600 mAh Lithium Ion battery and two charging points. You won’t have to search for a charging cable. This favor includes a USB recharging cable and an integrated Lightning adapter cable right in the product. Use the Lightning adapter to recharge your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Use the USB port to recharge USB to Micro USB products like Android tablets and smartphones!

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Design your own custom PVC powerbank charger. Great unique idea for the next promotion, your client will love to charge their devices with your custom designed logo powerbank! With your idea and our design team we will help re-create your idea into 2D or 3D project around our Universal powerbank chargers available in different shapes. Input: DC 5V / 600mA,Output: DC 5V / 1A, Capacity: 1800mAh/2000mAh/2200mAh


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