Promos help local farm markets attract customers



 November, 2015
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Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of where their food comes from, whether they eat it at the dinner table or on a picnic blanket. To set their minds at ease, many people decide to join food cooperatives, which sell fresh food that’s locally made or grown.

Recently, one co-op wanted to spread the word in their community about healthy eating and the importance of supporting the local economy. They teamed up with a neighboring company that had recently implemented an employee health and wellness program, and distributed imprinted foodware to encourage the employees to bring healthy foods for their day-time meals. The co-op is located down the street from the company, and they encouraged their employees to shop at the co-op for fresh food before and after work.

One of the items employees received was the Salad/Snack Bowl Set which was decorated with the co-op’s logo. More than 275 bowls were distributed, and other decorated items were also given out as part of the campaign. The co-op’s distributor partner was able to tie the promotion to a specific health initiative, based on Affordable Care Act guidelines

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